The Adpack Guide to Woven polypropylene bags

PP Bags, Woven PP bags or Polypropylene Bags are used for the packaging of bulk commodities such as rice, sugar, fertilizer, grains and cement. They are also used to carry shopping in the form of box bottom or gusseted bags.

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  1. What are Woven Polypropylene bags
    1. Woven means that the bags is made through a weaving process e.g. by joining multiple threads in two directions (horizontally and veritically) – also known technically as warp and weft. These joined/woven threads form a fabric similar to that used in your clothes (but of course in this case the tapes/threads are wider).
    2. In the plastic woven industry the film is first extruded by an extrusion machine and then it is slit/cut into rows of threads or filaments. These are then made into bobbins for the purpose of weaving into the fabric/sheets or cloth and made into so many common products e.g. tarppaulins, geotextiles, ground covers, woven bags etc…
    3. Polypropylene, which is also known as PP for short name is a kind of thermoplastic resin material that is produced by the polymerization of propylene.
    4. Polypropylene has multiple properties that allow it to work well for the woven sack – it can be melted, cooled and also mixed with other additives to allow for a strong elastic filament tape to be produced.