Adpack Limited manufactures a variety of packaging products. Our product line includes sacks used in the packing of fertilizer, chemicals, cement, sand, food grains, maize meal, flour, sugar, animal feeds, fish meal, pulses, spices, dates, agro products, minerals, resin and polymers. We are also able to provide dunnage bags and low cost and light weight tarpaulins for protection of your valuable items.

Key characteristics of our products

Adpack’s Block Bottom bags

  •       Have a very high tensile strength resulting in an almost zero burstage rate
  •       Are able to easily withstand rough & multiple handling while being transported
  •       Are resistant to moisture resulting in a prolonged shelf life
  •       Our fine weave gives us extra strength and means that our sacks are more resistant to tearing
  •       Are hermetically sealed and hence cannot be tampered with
  •       Contain valves for easy filling
  •       Are recyclable and reusable making them eco friendly
  •       Are Economical
  •       Use high quality inks that do not scuff or fade

PP Woven sacks

Adpack’s polypropylene woven sacks are made to very high quality standards; our packaging is already used in the market to package rice, sugar, flour, spices, fertilizers, sand and other materials. We offer them in bulk quantities at very reasonable prices. The bags are moisture/water proof yet allowing air in for breathing if required. We can also laminate them for total waterproofing if required. Our bags are available in a range of sizes and fascinating colors. PP Woven sacks are light weight and hence easy and cheap to transport. They have no problems in stacking and can be offered with gussets for further improvement in stacking. They are cost effective when compared to almost all other packaging material.

PP Woven Fabric
Adpack Limited has significant experience in the manufacture of superior quality PP woven fabric. Our fabric meets international quality standards and is known amongst our diverse clients for its excellent durability. We offer both standard widths and lengths or customized lengths, weights, gussets, meshes and colors to suit the demands of our clients. Our PP wrapping fabrics find application for:

Wrapping for paper rolls

  • Upholstery
  • Textile packing
  • Carpet packing and backing
  • Wrapping of machines and equipment for transportation
  • Construction fabric (instead of muslin)
  • PP Woven Ground Covers – a perfect solution for controlling weed growth (water and nutrients can pass through but weeds do not grow)

Polypropylene grasses

Adpack limited sells a large quantity of uniform width polypropylene material that can be used for

  • Ultra-hygenic animal bedding (in coops/pens) e.g. for chickens
  • Packing material for transportation of fragile items