Quality Assurance

We recognize that our packaging is a vital part of your value chain so we ensure that our products meet the highest global testing standards.

Our quality control procedures start several months before a single bag is manufactured because we only source raw materials from the world’s leading producers of polypropylene. Our dedicated quality control team scrutinizes each batch that arrives and tests based on internationally approved methodologies are performed at every stage of the manufacturing. We use both automated and manual inline quality verification systems at all stages of the production process to ensure that only the best products make it through the process. The final product is approved for delivery only after uncompromising fault-finding and inexorable testing and inspection.

Not only do we perform comprehensive in-house testing using the an extensive array of equipment including the following:

Electronic Weighing Machine

Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Denier Testing Machine

Thickness/Gauge Meter

Viscosity testing equipment

Coating adhesion testing machinery

Shrink testing machinery

but we also send our product to external laboratories for testing and verification.

Quality defines the attributes of our products and services and we are constantly working with our customers to both improve our quality and we control for quality at every stage of the manufacturing. We are KEBS certified and our efforts for quality assurance and commitment to client’s satisfaction have enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves in the market – we are the number 1 provider of quality products.