Adpack Warehouse and Storage Requirements

Adpack Warehouse and Storage Requirements

1. Clean Environment: Adpack products must be stored in a clean environment, free from dust, debris, pests and other contaminants that could compromise the integrity of the material.

2. Segregation: Adpack food-grade products must be stored separately from other non-food grade materials to prevent cross-contamination.

3. Environmental Control: All Adpack products must be maintained at a stable temperature (ideally are 0°C 40°C) and humidity level (ideally 40% to 60%) within the storage area, to prevent damage to materials. The ideal conditions may be specified based on the packaging, but generally, a cool and dry environment is recommended. The products must be protected from direct sunlight and artificial light sources, as exposure to UV radiation an degrade the material over time. Adpack products must be stored within a warehouse wit proper ventilation to maintain air circulation to prevent build up of odours and moisture. Measures must be implemented to protect Adpack products against weathering and external elements. To the extent reasonably possible, the warehousing / storage facility must be well-insulated and weatherproofed.

4. Water Damage Prevention: Storage facilities must be regularly inspected for leaks, cracks, or any signs of potential water seepage. In the event of such issues arising, immediate repairs should be conducted to maintain the integrity of the storage environment. The storage facilities must be equipped with proper drainage systems to prevent water accumulation. This includes gutters, downspouts, and floor drains.

5. Pest Control: A regular pest control program must be in place to prevent infestation that could damage the packaging materials. This includes include regular inspections, use of traps or baits, sealing entry points and generally maintaining cleanliness to deter pests, such as rodents and insects, to protect Adpack products from damage.

6. Security Measures: All storage facilities must be secured with locks, security cameras, and alarm systems to prevent unauthorized access and theft. Access must be limited to authorized personnel only. It is advised that a log of entry and exit should be maintained to track access to the storage area.

7. Storage Shelving and Organization: Adpack products ought to be stored on shelving units designed to support the weight and size of the packaging materials being stored. The units should be constructed from materials that do not degrade under the storage conditions. Adpack products must be stored in a way that prevents crushing, deformation or other damage. In this respect, Adpack products should not be stored too high or placed under heavy products to ensure integrity of Adpack products. Though Adpack products are not classified as perishable, they should be organised in a manner that allows for easy access and rotation. Shelves and products should also be labelled clearly to facilitate inventory management.

8. Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspections of storage facilities should be conducted to check for signs of damage, degradation or contamination of Adpack products and to ensure that facilities remain in compliance with the established norms. This includes checking the effectiveness of the climate control system, and the integrity of the storage facility. Compromise of any products must be reported within twenty-four hours (24) of discovery to Adpack with a detailed report indicating cause of contamination. Routine maintenance should also be scheduled for the storage facility and all associated equipment to prevent unforeseen disruptions.

9. Emergency Preparedness: An emergency plan dealing with incidents such as fire, flooding, or pest outbreaks is required to be developed and implemented. Such plan should include emergency contact information, evacuation plans, and strategies for salvaging materials.

10. Documentation and Compliance: Records of storage conditions, inspections, maintenance activities, and inventory must be maintained for compliance with regulatory requirements and be made available to Adpack upon request for quality control audit purposes.

By adhering to these warehousing conditions, the integrity and safety of Adpack products should be maintained throughout their storage period. Notwithstanding, upon delivery of Adpack products, Adpack shall be absolved of any liability for loss, or compromise to the products for failure to take reasonable measures to prevent damage or compromise, this includes any consequential or incidental damages arising from the use or misuse of Adpack products , including but not limited to financial losses, loss of products or business interruption.